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Harding Sails offers a number of accessory items for retail sale. Hats, T-shirts, belts, wallets, wine bottle gift bags made of spinnaker cloth and key chains are usually in stock for same day shipping or pick-up. Other items such as wind shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, canvas tote bags, exotic sail cloth gear bags, and duffle bags can be special ordered.
Canvas Bag

Wine Bottle Gift Bag: Nylon ripstop spinnaker cloth, string tie. Great for dressing up a bottle of wine you may bring to your host at a dinner party.

Colors: Multi-colored.

Price: $15.00 set of 5.

Harding Wallet: Tri-fold exotic cloth construction, nylon edge, pockets for cards, license, etc.

Colors: Made from available cloth scraps at time of manufacture. Kevlar, Mylar, Pentex, Spectra, Dacron.

Price: $25.00

Harding Key Chain:

Colors: Navy and Red

Price: $5.00

Lady Dinghy Bag

Harding Sails Canvas Bags: Traditional duck canvas ice bag with reinforced base and side pocket.

Colors: Available with Navy Blue, Black or Red trim and handles.

Price: $60.00

Wine Bag, Wallets, Key Chain

Harding Lady Dinghy Bags: Made from remnants of modern laminated sailcloth. Perfect for going ashore with just a few essentials.

Price: $23.00

Ordering Information

Placing an order can be accomplished in several ways:
  1. Use the on-line order form. Harding Sails will call you with shipping details and get credit card information.
  2. Print a paper version of the order form and complete it with credit card information. Fax or mail it to Harding Sails at the address below.

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