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The sailmakers at Harding Sails have been designing and building racing sails through many technological generations. We pride ourselves on creating the fastest, most appropriate product for the desired application, We work closely with the customer to understand their racing program. We’ll use information about your boat, crew, and the type of racing to be done, and the required durability of the sail to come up with a proposal. We will discuss with you the options available for fabric, panel layout and systems. For teams just getting started we will review your existing inventory and recommend a sail replacement program that will fit into your budget and bring you up to speed as quickly as possible.

Our sailmakers spend hundreds of hours each season racing around the buoys and offshore. We photograph all of the new shapes that we are developing and constantly work to improve our designs. We understand the issues that concern our racing customers, and will work with you to address these issues. The cloth types, styles, sail designs and constructions we recommend have all been race-tested by the Harding Sails sailmakers.

After discussing our racing customers sail requirements we will then consider the sail cloth options. Cloth type significantly affects performance, durability, and cost. And, for PHRF sailors, cloth selection can also affect your rating. The team at Harding Sails works closely with all of the major cloth manufacturers to stay in tune with the new products and their characteristics. Hard work in keeping ourselves up to speed allows us to recommend the best options for our customers. We then share information with the customer as to the relative benefits of each alternative. These discussions reflect Harding’s commitment to providing each of our customers with all the information they need to make educated decisions.

Harding Sails sails are proven to be fast where it counts, on the racecourse. There is no doubt. Our racing customers come back to Harding Sails again and again because the sails are fast, the service is superior, and the attention to detail is unmatched in the industry.

Challenge SailCloth Challenge Sailcloth racing and cruising durable woven sailcloths.
Condender Sailcloth Contender Sailcloth is a worldwide organization devoted to supplying sailmakers with the best available fabrics for all their sail making requirements.
Dimension Polyant Dimension Polyant Racing and cruising sailcloth using the latest techniques in fibres, films, and lamination.
Bainbridge Bainbridge is an international manufacturer and distributor of speciality products to marine, construction and recreational markets.

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