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Sail Furling Systems


At Harding Sails we realize that many customers would rather spend more time sailing and less time wrestling with sails. Harding Sails has long been solving these problems by installing sail furling and sail handling systems for our customers. Whether it’s a headsail furling system, mainsail furling system, lazyjacks, or a Dutchman® system, we’ll help our customers decide which product is the best suited for their project.


Our staff is experienced with most major brands of furling systems. We have supplied, assembled and installed Harken, Schaefer, Furlex and CDI Genoa furling units. We have also helped some of our customers with mainsail handling issues. For many customers the Dutchman® sail flaking system has proven to be a simple and inexpensive solution to furling a main when short handed. Or customers can add a Strongtrack & Slide System for ease of handling fully-battened sails. For others the solution is a mainsail furling unit that is retrofitted to your existing mast. If a customer wants to avoid all that weight aloft we recommend the New Schaefer Boom Furling System. Harding Sails helped Schaefer in the development of this system and we have installed several successful units.

Many of these systems require sail modifications or new sails, Harding Sails offers the advantage of being able to do the entire project as a one stop shop. The team at Harding Sails is ready to help you with your sail handling concerns.

Harding Sails fabricates sails and installs furling systems from the following:

Schaefer Headsail furling and reefing systems, boom furlers.
Harken Headsail and mainsail handling systems.

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