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At Harding Sails, exclusive New England distributor of Elvstrøm Sails, we are committed to pursuing your dream when it comes to cruising or racing. Our qualified team of experienced sailors and sail designers are here for you. From the very first contact we strive to give you the best advice. Within our EPEX range of membrane sails there are different combinations of yarn and material, certainly one for you, too!

The innovative technology behind EPEX is based on a clear vision. A vision to design and produce a sail to outdo conventional sails in terms of durability and performance! EPEX was born in 2008 and as the first and only of its kind on the market. Since then the products and the processes have been further developed to what today is state-of-the-art technology.

EPEX technology

Choosing the right sail is where your race starts

Whether you’re into weekly club racing or you take part in some of the classic regattas around the world, we design the sail to fit your needs. Racing sails have a wealth of trimming options, and are available in many different choices of cloth types with the ability to retain the shape. Some of our EPEX membrane racing sails are ideal for club racing and some specifically designed for the bigger regattas and even Grand Prix racing. Designed to provide ultimate performance in conceivable conditions without suffering any damage. All our research and knowledge is being put into designing the optimal racing designs.

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