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Repairs Laundry

Sails and canvas items need regular service just like any vital piece of equipment. At Harding Sails we consider this to be a very important part of our business. When there is failure, we are well equipped to give an estimate and make the repairs. If you’re concerned about the condition of your sails, the team at Harding is more than willing to look them over and offer an analysis.

The best time for servicing the sails and canvas items from your boat is during the fall. Many of our customers bring in their sails and canvas at this time each year for annual service work. Harding Sails is better equipped to handle service work than any other Massachusetts sailmaker. Our custom designed indoor sail laundry will clean sails and canvas without the abuse of other commercial laundry operations. The cleaning removes the dirt, salt, and grime, which contribute to aging of sails. As sails are rolled up on our giant roller they are washed and spot cleaned without any folding or flexing of the sail. Special treatment is available for the removal of mildew and other stains. Laminated sails can be mildew proofed to prevent future damage and older canvas work can be waterproofed. Our team of service personnel carefully checks over the sails and canvas for signs of weakness and failure. Special attention is given to high maintenance areas such as batten pockets on mainsails and U/V sunshades on Genoa’s. Zippers and snaps are lubricated and windows cleaned to remove water spots. Small repairs are enacted, while any large repairs or problems are discussed with the customer. After cleaning and repairs are complete, sails and canvas are properly folded and/or rolled, then stored in our dry, heated storage area. Winter service is the best insurance against failure in the middle of the sailing season.

The Harding Sails service department also performs re-cuts and modifications. Whether it’s converting a jib to roller furling or replacing windows in a dodger we can work with the customer to turn their sails or canvas into the desired finished product. Our goal at Harding Sails is to address the concerns of our customers and help to make sailing as enjoyable as possible for them.

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