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Marine Canvas

There is no room for compromise in quality when it comes to custom canvas work. This is the attitude held by the Canvas department at Harding Sails. When it comes to dodgers, enclosures, biminis, and sail covers, a perfect fit is all that is acceptable. Utilizing the best of fabrics and the highest standards of workmanship Harding Sails makes beautiful and functional custom canvas, which is unequaled in quality. Our canvas designers are avid sailors, and understand the issues that our customers face. We work with the customer to create the best possible product for the application.
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Harding Sails uses material from the following manufacturers:


A premium, flexible coated vinyl sheet engineered to resist the damaging effects from the sun’s rays, environmental fallout, and scratching from handling.


Fade-proof, stain-resistant and livable, our fabrics are worry-free and incredibly long lasting.


Tenara® sewing thread is designed for use in outdoor canvas products.


GORE-TEX® fabric is specifically engineered to form an impenetrable barrier against wind and water while maintaining breathability.

Top Gun

TOP GUN is a rugged fabric known for its superior strength, excellent abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, and an exceptionally high degree of water repellency.


Marine vinyls - durable, waterproof and easy to maintain, they are manufactured with outstanding-quality.


CY4EZ™ are the incomparable fabrics worthy of being on your incomparable vessel! These exceptional 86” wide waterproof fabrics are available in white, snow white or cream color for fabrication.

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